Destination Wedding on the Outer Banks

Planning a Destination Wedding

Your wedding is the one day of your life when the people you love gather to celebrate an important chapter in your life. Don’t leave this special day to chance, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. By hiring an experienced local planner and/or day of director, you can take the stress out of planning a destination wedding…and it’s less expensive than you might think.

Here are a few reasons why couples should leave the planning and directing up to a professional who is knowledgeable about the area and trusted local wedding vendors:

    • Most couples who choose the Outer Banks of North Carolina as their wedding destination live in other states. Planning a destination wedding is exciting, but can sometimes be difficult to accomplish when you live far away. That’s why a professional wedding planner can be a tremendous help. Planners know the best florists, caterers, photographers, venues, photographers, event homes, and other needed vendors, and they can handle coordinating contracts and other details needed to create your perfect Outer Banks dream wedding.


    • It’s YOUR wedding day; ENJOY IT! You shouldn’t be worrying about if the flowers will be delivered on time, or find yourself standing at the alter wondering if all the reception tables are set. Leave these details up to the planner/director.


    • There’s no substitute for an experienced wedding director. Aunt Sally is probably very organized and great with people, but unless she knows the ins and outs of directing a wedding and which vendors can best serve your needs, it’s probably best to let Aunt Sally enjoy herself as a guest. Hiring a planner/director will allow all of your family to celebrate, not work at, your special day.


    • Wedding planning is very time consuming. Many couples aren’t able to take the time off from work needed to make phone calls, meet with vendors, and the many other tasks needed to plan a wedding.


    • A wedding planner can help you focus your style. For example, you might know you want to have a beach-theme wedding — and you can use Pinterest to get loads of ideas — but a wedding planner will help you refine your ideas and find the perfect resources for that theme. In addition, the planner might have the exact items (like table centerpieces) you need without you having to purchase these items that you won’t need after your wedding. This saves you money!


  • Your venue’s wedding planner ISN’T your wedding planner. Although venue planners are extremely beneficial to the perfect wedding, their role isn’t to serve as your actual wedding planner. In other words, should the limo be running late to take you to your ceremony, the venue planner won’t be there to help. That’s the role of your wedding planner.
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